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There are now six volumes of recorded music for Gary's English country dances, four from the original Friends series, plus Fast Friends, which is Volume 15 in the continuing Bare Necessities series, and now the newest, Mr. Roodman's Fancies.   In all cases, the music is played by superbly talented musicians working in a variety of combinations to create all kinds of moods, styles, and flavors for our enjoyment.  On some cuts, you can just see them frolicking; on others, you can visualize a serious chamber ensemble blending its sounds beautifully.  (You can hear sound bites below.)  All the tunes are played at dance length and tempo.  The liner notes give lots of detail about each dance � formation, music sources, key and time signatures, number of times through, and overall time. 

You will find listings below of which dances are on which CDs.   There is enough variety on each CD to build a whole program around.  Or you may just enjoy listening to the CDs in the car, or while you are making supper, or cleaning house, or dancing around the living room in your PJs.
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The Fabulous Musicians!
Left to right: Margaret Ann Martin, Mary Lea, Gene Murrow,
Barbara Greenberg, Jonathan Jensen, Daniel Beerbohm

(Thanks to photographer, Carolyn Klinger)

Jessica Murrow, Peter Barnes
Erica Morse, Anna Patton,
Naomi Morse
Van Kaynor, lydia ievins
Mary Lea, Margaret Ann Martin Gary (who played no instrument),
Karen Axelrod
Gene Murrow, Doug Creighton

Left to right: Peter Barnes, Jacqueline Schwab, Mary Lea, Earl Gaddis

Left to right: Kate Barnes, Karen Axelrod, Mary Lea

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The Actual Music
Click on the titles to hear a little of each tune.
Audrey and Andrea
Benjamin's Birth Day
Cadgers' Other Caper
Fine Lady of Homewood
Good Man of Cambridge
The Homecoming
Laisteridge Lane
Marching to Praetorius
A New Beginning
Old Friends
A Retiring Fellow
Trip to the Manors
True Kit
Twenty Something
Winter Dreams
The Wrights of Lichfield
 Accord for Pinewoods 
Birthday Greetings
Dancing Wife
Designing Woman
Double Duet
Emma Turns Three
Henry's Hornpipe
Kneeland Romp
Mary K
New Friends
Peter and Peggy
Stockport Assembly
Turning By Threes
After Dinner Maggot
Alexander's Birth Day
Band of Friends
Birthday Branle
  Charlene's Celebration  
Dear Abby
Far Away
Hand in Hand
Honeysuckle Cottage
Mr. Adson's Masque
Playing (in) the Field
Say I Do
Square Line Special
Vivaldi in Paradise
Whately Barn
Whiskey Before Dinner
Apollo's Hunt
Belle of Amherst, The
Celt's New Dance, A
    Fast Friends    
Helene's Gavotte
Joy(ce) of the Town
Midwinter Maggot
Mr. Chopin's Waltz
Peace and Plenty
Ramblin' Rosie
A Solstice Snow
Stride Stately
Trip to Greene
Ani's Waltz
Anna Turns Five
Autumn Moon
Birthday Jubilee
Forget Me Not
Fostering Traditions
Good Man of Antwerp
The Invitation
Leaps and Bounds
Mevagissey Car Park
A Mover and Shaker
New Hampshire Nocturne
Nina's Smile
A Quick Romp in the Hey
Silver Lining
Trip to Chippenham
Bell Tower Bouree
Belle of Greensboro
California Sunshine
Capital Lads
The Cressons
Double Jubilee
Father's Day
Fret and Rejoice
Johnson City Circle
Land of Mist and Wonder
Lichfield's Ruby Surprise
Memorial Day
Mr. Handel's Gigue
Mr. Roodman's Fancy
Three's Company
Trip to Stonington

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Companion Books
All of the dances on the CDs have appeared in one of Gary's thirteen books or are available on this web site (see New Dances and Old), but these CD-specific books are also available.  They reprint the instructions and the teaching tips for all the dances on their respective CDs (the sheet music is not included).   These books are a convenient way to have complete packages, but if you have the other books, you really don't need these.
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Here's what people said about Old Friends

"Old Friends is a winner.  Great tunes, played with vitality, wonderful contrast, clear phrasing, delightful humor and general cheerfulness.  Whimsical and informative liner notes.  Attractive appearance."  --- Marshall Barron, New Haven, CT

"The playing is superb throughout.  The variety of instrumentation and the sheer professionalism make this a recording you will want to listen, as well as dance, to.  It's eminently danceable throughout, with some magical moments and very sensitive playing."  --- Colin Hume, Letchworth, England

"This CD sets a new standard for English country dance recordings."  --- Mary Conser, Amherst, MA

"The artistry of the musicians is outstanding.  Gary selects very interesting music to begin with, but what these folks do with it is just marvelous.  The track of "Good Man of Cambridge" is worth the cost of the whole CD!  Hats off to Mary Lea, Gene Murrow, Margaret Ann Martin, Dan Beerbohm, Barbara Greenberg, & Jonathan Jensen!"  ---Margherita Davis, Hudson and New York, NY

"This CD makes a great gift even for people who don't dance.  I am buying them for all my friends."  ---Richard Brown, Conklin, NY

"Old Friends looks and sounds great!  Susan's liner notes are great.  I appreciate both the comments and the amount of detail on each dance and tune.  [This CD] is a gift to the world of country dancing."   ---Brad Foster, Amherst, MA

"[Old Friends] is totally wonderful!  We love it!!  Everyone did such a good job with it."  ---Mary Devlin, Portland, OR

"What a superb CD of music!  We particularly like the clever arrangements and the variety given by the different combinations of instruments.  The best description for "The Good Man of Cambridge" is WOW!  We are sure that if Mozart had known, he would have written more dance tunes for you folks."  ---David and Kathryn Wright, Lichfield, England

"I clean house to this CD.  It gives me energy."  ---Barbara Kaufman, Binghamton, NY

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